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Shelby Dianne Fulton went to be with our Lord on August 10, 2007 at St. Francis North after a sudden illness. Shelby's parents are Chris and Summer Fulton. Shelby was full of life and very active, attending Lakeshore Elementary School, a member of the basketball and softball teams at East Ouachita Recreation Center, playing soccer with NELSA, and previously attended Missy Crain School of Dance. Shelby was well traveled, visiting the Arch in St. Louis, to the Caribbean and many places in between. She also had artistic ability having one of her drawings published in a children’s book, “Princess Bubble”. Being very athletic, in June '07 Shelby attended Auburn Football Camp along with her brother Tanner. By week’s end she had won the hearts of the football coaches. She loved swimming and was looking forward to cheerleading in the fall. Shelby also loved to play with her many friends.

There's a children's book out in Birmingham-area stores that some brides are giving to their single bridesmaids as gifts. It's called "Princess Bubble" and paints an empowering story of how a happily single princess learns to embrace her life and not feel rushed to find her Prince Charming just because that's what's in the fairytales. Shelby's Picture "Auburn Princess" was chosen to be published in this book.

Tough as Nails

Eight years is the time I had,
To change the world and run crazy my mom and dad.
I love to live life,
With out a moment to spare,
Not even to take time
to do my hair.
I love to go fast
On that cool golf cart,
But if you are going to go slow
Then don't even start.
Sometimes I had accidents,
Few of which you know,
But I had a friend named CoCo
Who took most of the blows.
I never was one to wear bows and bells,
I liked playing with the boys
And being tough as nails
I love to dress in my normal attire: Cap, Auburn T-Shirt, and shorts,
That is my desire.
I can be stubborn,
I can be kind,
But ask Aunt Traci
I do ever what I want to, most of the time
I like to joke
And act silly sometimes,
For life is just too short
To be serious all the time.
The memories that I leave
Are not to make you sad.
They are to cherish,
When times get bad.
Like my blanket that I chewed on should be for Grandmaw to keep,
So it will keep her warm when she can't sleep.
Mom, Dad, and Tanner,
I leave this earthen place,
To hold hands with Jesus,
Isn't He Great!
I am waiting on our reunion,
Here on High,
So please don't be afraid
To tell me good Good-bye.
If anyone does not have their hope in Jesus the Christ,
They are building on the sand and
That will cost them their life.
Please don't be deceived,
God has his own way,
Through the blood of Jesus
You can join us on that reunion day!
But until then
You may go thru Hell
But ask my Dad,
You must be tough as nails.

By. Jamie Bonner
For Shelby Fulton
August 13, 2007

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